Below, you’ll find my publications and links to full text versions of the accepted versions of the papers. These are arranged loosely by topic. Green buildings and voluntary environmental programs related research are grouped with corporate social responsibility; energy and environmental policy are under “energy economics and policy”; and environmental management, common pool resources management, and environmental politics & policy under “environmental management and policy”

Publications by topic:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Energy Economics and Policy

Environmental Policy and Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Matisoff, Daniel and Douglas Noonan. Ecolabels, Innovation, and Green Market Transformation: Learning to LEED. Cambridge University Press. In Press.

Blackburn, Christopher, Flowers, Mallory, Matisoff, Daniel, and Juan Moreno-Cruz. “Impacts of Pilot and Demonstration Projects: Evidence from Green Building”  Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. Published online May 12 2019.

Matisoff, Daniel, Flowers, Mallory, and Douglas Noonan. “In the LEED: Racing to the Top in Environmental Self-Regulation”  Business Strategy and the Environment. Forthcoming.

Matisoff, Daniel.Letting the Fox Guard the Hen House: Corporate social responsibility and environmental governance“. in Konisky, David, ed. The Handbook of U.S. Environmental Policy. pp448-462.

Flowers, Mallory, Noonan, Douglas, and Daniel Matisoff.For what it’s worth: Evaluating revealed preferences for green certification.” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. (2019) 62(5), 843-861.

Matisoff, Daniel, Noonan, Douglas, and Flowers, Mallory. “Green Buildings: Economics and Policies.”  Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. V10 n2 329-346 Summer 2016.

Matisoff, Daniel. (2015).  Sources of specification errors in the assessment
of voluntary environmental programs: understanding program impactsPolicy Sciences. V48 n1 p109-126.

Matisoff, Daniel, Douglas Noonan, and Anna Mazzolini. (2014). “Performance or Marketing Benefits? The Case of LEED Certification.” Environmental Science and Technology. V48 n3, p2001-2007.

Matisoff, Daniel. (2013). “Different Rays of Sunlight: Understanding Information Disclosure and Carbon Transparency.Energy Policy. V55 p579 – 592.

Matisoff, Daniel, Douglas Noonan and John O’Brien. (2013).Convergence in Environmental Reporting: Assessing the Carbon Disclosure Project,”  Business Strategy and the Environment. v22 n5, 285-305. July.

Matisoff, Daniel. (2012). “Privatizing climate change policy: is there a public benefit?Environmental and Resource Economics, v53 409-433.

Energy Economics and Policy

Brown, M.A., P. Dwivedi, S. Mani, D. Matisoff, J.E. Mohan, J. Mullen, M. Oxman, M. Rodgers, R. Simmons, B. Beasley & L. Polepeddi. 2021. A framework for localizing global climate solutions and their carbon reduction potential. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 118, no. 31, e2100008118.

Matisoff, Daniel, Beppler, Ross, Chan, Gabriel, and Sanya Carley. A Review of Barriers in Implementing Dynamic Electricity Pricing to Achieve Cost-Causality”. Environmental Research Letters. (2020). vol. 15, no. 9, 093006.

Zhou, Shan, Matisoff, Daniel, Kingsley, Gordon, and Brown, Marilyn. “Understanding renewable energy policy adoption and evolution in Europe: The impact of coercion, normative emulation, competition, and learning.”  Energy Research & Social Science. (2019) 51, 1-11.

Matisoff, Daniel and Erik Johnson. “The Comparative Effectiveness of Residential Solar Incentives.”  Energy Policy 108 (2017): 44-54.

Erik Johnson, Ross Beppler, Chris Blackburn, Daniel Matisoff, Benjamin Staver, and Marilyn Brown. “Peak Shifting and Cross-Class Subsidization: The Impacts of Solar Pv on Changes in Electricity Costs.”  Energy Policy 106 (2017): 436-44.

Zhou, Shan and Daniel Matisoff. “Advanced Metering Infrastructure Deployment in the United States: The Impact of Polycentric Governance and Contextual Change.” Review of Policy Research. Published online 23 September, 2016.

Du, Huibin, Matisoff, Daniel, and Wang, Yangyang. “Understanding drivers of energy efficiency changes in China.” Applied Energy. Published online 28 May 2016.

Noonan, Douglas, Chiang-Hsieh, Lin-Han and Matisoff, Daniel.Economic, sociological, and neighbor dimensions of energy efficiency adoption behaviors: Evidence from the U.S residential heating and air conditioning market.” Energy Research and Social Science, v10: 102 – 113, 2015.

Matisoff, Daniel, Douglas Noonan, and Jinshu Cui.   Electric Utilities, Fuel Use, and Responsiveness to Fuel PricesEnergy Economics. 2014.

Noonan, Douglas, Lin-Han Chiang-Hsieh, and Daniel Matisoff. (2013). “Spatial Effects in Energy-Efficient Residential HVAC Technology Adoption,” Environment & Behavior. 45(4): 476-503

Environmental Policy & Management

Mistur, Evan, Kingsley, Gordon, Matisoff, Daniel, and Yeuhun An. “Let sleeping bats lie: Analyzing institutional adaptation to environmental regulatory change through Adaptive Management theory.”  Journal of Environmental Management. (2018) Volume 223; October 2018; 254-263.

An, Yehyun,  Rogers, Juan,  Kingsley, Gordon, Matisoff, Daniel,  Mistur, Evan, and Baabak Ashuri.“The Influence of Task Complexity in Shaping Environmental Review and Engineering Design Durations” With  Journal of Management in Engineering. (2018). v34 n6 November.

Noonan, Douglas, Matisoff, Daniel, and Hoelzel, Nathanael. “Park user characteristics, attitudes, and quasi-voluntary behavior.” Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. V45 n4 78S-96S August, 2016.

Matisoff, Daniel and Jason Edwards. (2014). Kindred Spirits or Intergovernmental Competition? The innovation and diffusion of energy policies in the American states (1990 – 2008). Environmental Politics, 23 (5).

Online Appendices for Kindred Spirits

Matisoff, Daniel and Douglas Noonan. (2012). “Managing contested greenspace: the rise of dog parks.” International Journal of the Commons. February.

Matisoff, Daniel. (2010). “Carbon trading, policy design and firm behavior: improving the efficiency of climate change policy.” Environment, v52, n1 p10-19, 2010.

Matisoff, Daniel. (2010). “Are International Environmental Agreements Enforceable?  Implications for Institutional Design.” International Environmental Agreements, v10, n3 p166-187.

Matisoff, Daniel. (2008). The Adoption of State Climate Change Policies and Renewable Portfolio Standards: Internal Determinants or Regional Diffusion?Review of Policy Research, v25, n6 Dec.

“Climate research priorities for policy-makers, practitioners, and scientists in Georgia, USA.” With Murray A. Rudd, Althea F. P. Moore, Daniel Rochberg, Lisa Bianchi-Fossati, Marilyn A. Brown, David D’Onofrio, Carrie A. Furman, Jairo Garcia, Ben  Jordan, Jennifer Kline, L. Mark Risse, Patricia L. Yager, Jessica Abbinett, Merryl Alber, Jesse E. Bell, Cyrus Bhedwar, Kim M. Cobb, Juliet Cohen, Matt Cox, Myriam Dormer, Nyasha Dunkley, Heather Farley, Jill Gambill, Mindy Goldstein, Garry Harris, Melissa Hopkinson, Jean-Ann James, Susan Kidd, Pam Knox, Yang Liu, Michael D. Meyer, Jamie D. Mitchem, Katherine Moore, Aspen J. Ono, Jon Philips, Kerrie M. Sendall, Fatemeh Shafiei, Marshall Shepherd, Julia Teebken, Ashby N. Worley. Environmental Management.  (2018). v62 n2 190-209.

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